Sweden 5

by Gabriele Kubo



Welcome to KOMOREBI 木漏れ日



The table is completed. And it changed from a table into a place, where you can meet, gather or propose ( because that is what often seems to happen at URNATUR!) or just BE. It can be a place to just drink a cup of coffee or a glass of champagne or an apple juice or just sit. And look.

What is so beautiful to me, is, that at KOMOREBI, you can sit at the same height as the forest ground. You sit face to face to moss. Soooo many kinds of moss and lychen! Searching for them, I couldn't stop finding more and more and more. And then you discover, like with a magnifying glass: oh! The leaves of a Viola! Oh! That might be a Convallaria! Oh! Never saw that kind of little pink flowers! And here! Lingonberries! And there! A young pine tree. And then you can touch the moss, comfortably, the soft one, the thin one, the ones, which get hard when it's dry, but unbelievable fluffy after the rain. I love that the KOMOREBI place turned into a gathering, where people gather, plants gather, light gathers.

I am totally happy right now.



この場所“KOMOREBI”で、特に美しいと感じるのは、テーブルの前に座ると地面と同じ高さで森を見られることです。 モスと向き合って座るのです。それはそれはたくさんの種類のモスがありますよ!次から次へとモスを採集するうち、止まらなくなってしまったので。虫眼鏡で見るように探索していくと、あなたもきっと見つけるはずです。あ!ビオラの葉!おや?スズランかしら?見たこともないピンクの花!そしてここ!リンゴンベリー!あそこには小さな松の木も!





our very first guest: HAILEY!



 And, as a flower designer, one of my big dreams came true: to arrange flowers right into the earth.



This is Ammi meus, letting float it's white clouds over the green treasures.

Now off with me to KOMOREBI and arrange Galium. Yellow version!

And it case you do not know the word KOMOREBI: it means  "the light, which falls through leaves" in Japanese. And it means the natural beauty, this light creates.



And from now, it means the space at URNATUR, where you are welcome to sit down and be.

Up to the forest, search for  the Hat Cabin, there you are.

Be welcome.















 Going down from the forest, this is where you turn right.

Going up, it's opposite.

Anyway, you will find it.