Sweden 4

by Gabriele Kubo






 As the table is growing, slowly but steadily, let me show you some of Ulrika's designs:

Ulrika is as much a biologist as she is a designer and organisator.

Her fabrics are so interesting: all natural motifs! Seaweed, wind, water, and of course moss.






As it rained through Sunday, the moss grew big and wet and soft, it is magic!

Can fully understand the wish to have it in your living room!


Ulrika is offering her fabrics at Greengabes at the limited "Swedish Midsummer Shop"!


Please let us know if you are interested in her fabrics, I will take care that they will reach you safely, if it is via Greengabes or via Hana Ami!


Today, I digged out the first plants. Lingonberries. Checkered lily. Fritillaria. Finally!





Ulrikaの商品が、GREENGABESの限定ショップ“スウェーデン サマーショップ” で購入できます!




今日、最初の植物を見つけ出しました。Lingonberriesと Checkered lilyと Fritillaria。やっと!