Sweden 3

by Gabriele Kubo



deciding places



 The Guardians, that is how they felt, the huge pine trees around the space, where we talked in a light way, where ideas were flowing, and also the space where my eyes kept concentrated on the space itself. 

When you are checking out locations, of course there are a lot of technical and practical aspects, but the very first, so important step is to FEEL a place. To keep yourself as a channel for the energy of the place, to feel if it speaks to you, to feel what it initiates inside of you. Stopping your head, stopping the chattering of your "monkey mind". What I am doing is, that I try to let my eyes run free, to see where they naturally tend to go. Some places do pull your eyes into the far, these are places with aspects in the far and close surrounding, which are catching your eyes, which are calling you to explore. The place I decided on, had the opposite effect: I felt "guarded", "surrounded", and my eyes kept focussing on the center of the space, and they kept low, not wandering high or far. And that is what I wanted.






ある場所について判断しようとするならば、もちろん多くの技術的・実践的な側面はあるけれど、最初の重要なステップは場所自体を感じることです。その場所が持つエネルギーのチャネルとして自分自身を保つこと。場所が語りかける言葉を感じたら、自分の内部で生まれてくるものを感じること。思考を止め、“Monkey mind”を落ち着ける。





This is the outline.

4,20 x 1,20m.

Better start collecting materials!





Ulrika, the Forest Ikebanista!
I couldn't be more amazed to hear Ulrika talking about the forest in a way I hear flower designers and Ikebana artists speak about spaces between lines, coherences between elements, and of how to reduce to get lightness and light into an arrangement. The only huge difference is that Ulrika is talking about 10 to 20 m high TREES as elements of her arrangement, which is the forest!!!
Btw, Ulrika IS a designer, not only of the forest, but also of the cabins and of the dress and the of the cloth, the dress is made of!
I would love to take you to her "butik", her space for events and where you could see all her beautiful cloth designs. Themes are, of course" natural motifs: moss, jellyfishes, water, clouds.