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 Gregor Lersch


 Worldwide renown top flower designer at Gregor Lersch Floraldesign Bad Neuenahr, Germany and writer of many many floral design books.

Travels and teaches and holds demonstrations and lectures all over the world.

Gregor Lersch is famous for his diversity and authenticity. Always ahead of trends, always deepening ideas and techniques, always a surprise. A great technician with a wide frame of designs and his unique worldwide big heart.

We at Hana Ami are so happy to call him our friend.  There is no better thing to say.

Gregor Lersch is teaching a seminar at Hana Ami one time a year:

The International Teachers Seminar.

Be welcome!


We are planning the next seminar in 2018. Soon more informations here.


NEW! INT Preparation seminar

Being prepared is important!

In accord with Gregor, we are offering a pre training seminar for future and former attendees. If you feel you would like to repeat or intensify your studies with him, especially the technical points, or if you feel that your skills might not be enough to keep up with Gregor's intensive teachings, this is your chance to prepare yourself!

Gabriele Kubo is in exchange with Gregor and will teach these preparation lessons. Watching him close at his seminars and studying his books in their common mothers tongue, she will do her best to be the "technical translator" for Gregor's amazing techniques. 

We train techniques and work out arrangements in free style once a month.

Be welcome!

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