Do you know the Immortelle flowers? These vivid lemon yellow flowers got famous as the brand image of  "L'Occitane", the French natural cosmetic maker. The Immortelle flowers are one of the main ingredients of their creams and lotions, and they highly praise these little sturdy flowers.

"Immortelle" is French and means "immortal", emphasizing on the strength and survival power of the plants, growing in the whole Mediterranean aerea, where it is hot and dry in summers with very few rain. The botanical name is Helichrysum italicum or "Italian straw flower". She is also called "Curry Flower", because of her distinctive smell.

Immortelle is known to strengthen the nerves and to "earthen", as a medical plant it is antibacterial and has a high healing ability.


For flower designs, Immortelle is like a wonder flower: the little round blossoms show such an intensive lemon yellow! And they are strong and sturdy and unbreakable, in the meaning of their name, really immortal! On top of it, the intense color does not fade, even when the flowers are dried. 

For me, the lemon yellow is the main aspect of the flower, it is hard to not feel encouraged and refreshed by seeing this color in a design.

I will combine them with off-white wool and white wax to create a winterly wreath full of springtime promises.


Be welcome!



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